Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

Homeschool This Week

This week we didn't actually get a whole lot of schooling done it seems. Monday, my son was still recovering from illness, and the rest of us were just's always that way on Mondays for us. A lot of my friends take off  early from schooling on Fridays, but I think I decided this week that Mondays would be our easy day this year. Savannah worked on her numbers some more, she is getting very good at "math." Hank did start on his "Real Men" study about Godliness, family, courtship and marriage. So far he seems to enjoy it. This month we are reading "The Christian Family" and discussing it. He also learned this week about how to treat girls as more than just crushes....that they are our sisters in the Lord, and that he should treat them as he treats his sisters at home. I think it was eye-opening for him....I am excited, that along with his Dad, that I get to guide him on this journey of discovery.

Something Fun This Week

My Mom came for a visit on Wednesday. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to see her. I talk to her on the phone quiet a bit, but to set with her face to face was amazing! I fixed a lunch of spaghetti, then Savannah convinced her that we should go out to a little store in our neck of the woods, called "Savers." Vanna loves to go there because she usually gets to chose something from the bagged up toys that only cost $0.99...and you would think that she had found a great treasure! My Mom and Savannah made some pictures together, and then in the afternoon my oldest daughter came home and she too got to visit with Grandma. It was a great day.

Last Saturday, Savannah's football game was rained out, she was disappointed to say the least. So, we had Mommy- n- Vanna day. We started at the nail salon, then out to lunch at the deli, then over to the movies, and ended our afternoon with a trip to the ice cream shop. After I got back home, my husband was there and we had made plans to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening together....this does not happen often for us, so we really enjoyed our time together. He took me to dinner at a place called "Gaucho's Grill." This is a Brazilian Grill and the food is fabulous. It was the place of our second date.

What Did I Cook This Week

This week for me was all about simplicity....I used my crock pot a lot...On Monday was beef stroganoff over egg noodles with steamed broccoli on the side. My family loves this one, and it is super simple when you use the crock pot! Tuesday, cabbage rolls and creamed potatoes....again they LOVED this one! Wednesday, spaghetti...Thursday, meatloaf, buttered corn, and Sister Schubert's rolls...Friday, hot deli ham sandwiches and chips. If you would like a recipe for any of these let me know in the comments which one and your email and I will send it your way!

This Weekend

This weekend is loaded up once again....I just know that eventually the soccer and football has to My son has a soccer tournament both days. One game on Saturday and three games on Sunday. My little girl has cheer pictures and a game to cheer at on Saturday. Hoping we can be back from the tournament in time to hear some great preaching at our church on Sunday night.

What I am Thankful for This Week

My family and the times we share together...good or bad, stressed or relaxed....I wouldn't trade anything for those times on the journey....

Be Blessed!

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