Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Fall Ideas

After putting my little bit of Fall decorations on Monday, it put me in the mood to find some other creative fall or Halloween ideas....I have put together some I found around the internet...hope you enjoy them!

(this is from Better Homes and Gardens)
Halloween Paper Pumpkins
Orange pumpkins are greate but these multi-hued paper pumkpins mix and match with yourdecor. This easy halloween craft can be put together in minutes starting with strips of scrapbook paper. Cut 1-inch strips of patterned paper, form the strips into a circle as shown, and attach using a brad at both the top and the bottom. Paint a wine cork the same coloras the pumpkin and hot-glue the cork to the top for the pumpkin's stem. Embellish with ribbon and jewels for some stylish pumpkin decoration. This looks like a lot of fun to make and your little ones can be involved as well

here is a really nest idea for a hurricane lamp, simple candle, and candy corn...very self explanatory, just sit the candle in the middle of the hurricane, then add the candy around the for me this would be hard because I love candy corn!

Here is one I see every year at Halloween. It always looks so cute, but I have never taken the time to try it. With as much milk as we go through it would not be hard for me to gather the supplies. Here is what you will need: Milk jugs, permanent markes, white lights, craft knife. What to do: draw the outline of the face on the sides of the jugs, then let your little ones color them in, after they are done, you cut a hole in the bottom with the craft knife, stuff in the lights, line up the jugs and you have a lighted pathway for all the little ghosts and goblins to follow up to your door!

If you would like more, here is a neat site I found on Pinterest...  where there are a ton more.

let me know what you try and how it turn out!


  1. So many creative and beautiful ideas! Thanks for posting them. I'll have to try some of them since we're just starting now to begin to decorate for the holiday.

    1. great! I love decorating for the different holidays...Halloween and Christmas are probably my familys' favorite

  2. That candy corn wouldnt last 2 minutes around it!

    1. I think candy corn is my favorite candy this time of year