Sunday, October 14, 2012

Stay on the Horse

When I was a little girl, my Daddy bought me a horse. Her name was Nell. She was a beautiful horse, sort of chestnut brown with 4 white stockings and a white 7 on her forehead. I was too small to lift the saddle so Daddy would always have to saddle her. One day, he had come in from work in the afternoon and I wanted to ride. He got everything ready and I climbed up. Well, apparently Nell didn't get the memo that day that I was in the mood for a ride. She started shaking her head, and acting like she was going to rear up, stepping real hard, I got scared. I started to cry...I wanted off the horse. Daddy came along and handed me this little  switch and said, "sister, don't let that horse fool you, stay on the horse, you are not getting down, you are going to ride." I was so afraid. I begged Daddy to let me get off, help me down, but he wouldn't. He told me actually to quit crying, and talk like I meant it to Nell... Then something happened. Nell realized that I wasn't going to quit, that I had the little switch and that we were going to ride that day. After that, I never had anymore problems when I rode. (I never had to use the switch, just hold it for her to see).

That was a life lesson for me and hopefully for you too. When we are in the struggles and trials of life, it is not time to quit. Our enemy wants to fool us into thinking that we can't make it. That this is too scary or too hard. What we need to do, and what I have learned to do, is pick up my switch, the Word, and continue on through the fight. I also learned through that I am not a quitter...still not today. Once you set your mind to something, be determined to see it through. It don't matter how many times you have to start over, or how many times you have to stop and re-group, but keep getting up, keep on keepin' on!

You see, when you are on a journey, that means you have not arrived keep walking, hold your switch close and don't ever give up!

Walking along with you,


  1. That is a great lesson

    1. was one that has gotten me through lots of things in life