Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ministry....It's for ALL of us

What do you think of when you hear the word ministry? Most of us think of our pastors or licensed ministers. Are pastors and preachers the only called on to minister? We are all called to minister... Ministering is simply a term we use for meeting the needs of others, bringing hope to a situation, letting the life of Christ flow out of us and touch another life. We get so caught up and make it sound so formal, but really it's just day to day living, meeting people where they are at on this journey, taking time to invest in their life. 

 Ministry opportunities exist all around us, everyday. Seeing people in need and helping to meet those needs, that is ministry. When we take the time to call a sick friend, visit someone in the hospital, that too is ministry. Working in a soup kitchen.....ministry. Helping to clothe children who are going without, with no one to care for them.....ministry. Listening when someone has a problem or is so stressed they just feel they can't make it another day....ministry. 

Ministry takes on different forms.  One morning I had to drive my husband to work. Now it was early, like before the sun came up...who know that 4:30 could come twice in one day?? Anyway, he worked about 20 minutes from the house. While driving back home, the car is quiet, it's just me so I took that time to just pray for my family and friends. As I was praying, God brought something to my mind and gave me this whole like, paragraph. I said God why are you telling me this, He answered and said, post that on Facebook ....I was like, What?? People will think I am crazy, but God if you say do it, I will. It was like I couldn't make it home soon enough. I went straight to the laptop and just typed out exactly what I heard in my spirit. I hit post....nothing happened. Then later in the morning a man that I had gone to school with messaged me. He said, "you are probably going to think I am crazy, but I have been going through so much stress lately that I decided that my life was not worth living anymore and today I was going to end it all. I opened my computer to tell people good-by, and when I did I saw your post....it made me realize I still have a reason to live. I have decided to keep living, I actually feel inspired now....."

I can't remember all he said, I can't even remember what I wrote, but I know this when God lays something on your heart to-do, just do it! You don't know whose heart you are going to touch, who you are going to help....if you have an inkling about doing something good, just take it and run with it. God will use it.....

I want to challenge you this rest of this week to look for opportunities to touch someone's life and make a positive impact.....will you take that challenge?

Traveling on with you,


  1. That's a great challenge to keep in mind as I go through the week. Thanks for such an inspiring post!

    1. you are welcome...let me know how the challenge goes!

  2. Nice post :) Good words to live by.

    1. Thank you Natasha! I appreciate how you take the time to read and comment on what I write....that means a lot!