Thursday, October 11, 2012

Can We Just Go Back??

Thanks to all my readers for your kind words yesterday after I posted about my Daddy. It helped me a lot whether you commented on here, sent it to me privately or commented on the fan page on facebook. You guys are the best!

Today I have been thinking that I wish I could go back to a much simpler time. Now, don't get me wrong, I do enjoy all the technology that we have, but there are just days that I would like for life to slow down. You know what I mean? Today was a day like that for me. I wish I could sit on a huge wrap around porch, in one of those big rockers and watch kids play in the yard. I wish that every night that the family all sat around the table together talking about their day, their hopes, dreams and struggles. Sometime I even wish for a huge garden, even though I am so not the gardener.....

Of course it's not helping me that I have been watching "The Walton's" It makes me think I was born in the wrong era, that I belong to a different time, of long ago. I like how that back then people really were neighbors in the truest sense, they took time to care about one another and to help one another. Back then they didn't have the selection of one church for every mile on the road, they had one church in the community and almost everyone attended. The congregation was strong, the faith was strong.......

I look at my children and realize that they will never know times like that. Their lives are busy, not just with the things we do, but it feels like life for everyone is so jam-packed, that it leaves no time to really know your friends and family....

Standing and looking back at where we came from on the journey so far,


  1. That is a beautiful picture!

  2. That picture is gorgeous! I remember watching the Waltons during family hour as a kid--things were simpler before the internet in many ways. It brings a whole new and complicated dimension to parenting!

  3. I enjoyed watching the Waltons too. Between that show and Little House on the Prairie, those were the two shows we watched together as a family. There was something special about how both families related to one another and the simpler values and lives they led.

    1. I remember my Mom always loving these the time I thought they were so boring, but now, it's like I can't get enough