Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Waiting Until Things are Perfect

Occasionally, in those rare moments of free time, I read some blog posts from "Raising Sticky Hands to Heaven." As I thought about that title, it made me think of my own life. What kind of hands do I raise to Heaven and why do I raise hands to Heaven?

Let's start with the second part of that question...when I was little I could not understand why people would lift their hands while singing or praying at church. My mom explained to me one day that what they were doing was simply surrendering, whatever it was in their life, to God. It was an outward sign that they were giving all they had to Him. At that time in my life it was easy then to raise a hand Heavenward, it really didn't require much effort on my part at all.

Then life got complicated....that's where the first part of the question comes in "What kinds of hands do I lift to Heaven?" I would wonder sometimes if I was worthy to approach God in this fashion, hands outstretched seeking Him once again for answers, giving all I had to Him, the only one that I knew could really understand. I would look at my life and think, I've got all this "stuff" how can I possibly praise, how can I possibly enter in to intimate worship with the King?

But you know what, God is not waiting on me to have all my "stuff" fixed...He simply wants me, warts and simply come to Him. It says in scripture to make our request known. When you see me with eyes closed and hands raised, just know that I am surrendering myself to the one that knows me better than I know myself. He's not waiting for me to have everything done, to have everything perfect... some days the hands I raise are busy cleaning....they don't look that pretty, sometimes, I have scratches, sometimes it's marker and glue from craft time with my little one, some days it's in the midst of making lesson plans, or fixing meals, planning menus, driving to sports's just me in my life doing the things that are required of me at this season of the journey. But that's what He wants....You....right in the midst of where you are, with whatever you are doing. That's good don't have to have your life in perfect order, with the best house, or the most prestigious job,with the kids in balance and everything running smooth.

Will you do that with me today? Will you just surrender yourself and your circumstances, no matter how bad they may seem or how "sticky" the situation? He cares for you and I promise you that if you reach out to Him from where you are right now, He will meet you there.

Walking this journey with you,


  1. Thanks for that, Regina! A timely message!

    1. Thanks for reading Jeanne! I appreciate it...glad you enjoyed it

  2. You always put up such great spiritual posts with good reminders! I need this, thanks!

    1. Thanks Elisabet...I am glad it helped you today!