Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Favorite Quote

This has to be without a doubt my most favorite can apply to many situations in life. It tells me that no matter what I face, the God can always reach me. His hand is not too short to pull out of any pit, regardless the depth of my despair. God is Able!!

Corrie Ten Boom and her family helped to shelter Jews until they were arrested by the Gestapo. She and her family were sent to various concentration camps and many died. She most likely would have also perished if it had not been for a clerical error in 1945. If you have not read her book "The Hiding Place" I encourage to find a copy and read is remarkable. Her life has touched so many.

There was a woman in my church in Kansas who was a little girl at the time this war took place. She lived in Germany, she was a Jew. Her father worked for the police, and attempted to get his family out of the country before they were found out. But, sadly that did not happen. Her family was arrested, her father was beaten to death in front of her her family, her brothers were apparently sold. She and her mother were taken to the concentrations camps. While there, the Germans ran multiple experiments on them. She was just a little girl of about 7 when they decided to see what it would do to her to cut the ends of fingers off. Every time the guards passed her then would hit in the ankles with the butts of their guns. Today her ankles are huge and swell all time due to that. They removed bones from her mothers body just to see what would happen. They were starved. One day two women were placed in the camp with them. It was Corrie Ten Boom and her sister, Betsie. When the food rations were given out, Betsie Boom would give this woman from my church her bread. My friend tried to tell Betsie no to keep it for herself, but Betsie Boom would say, "no you are growing girl and you need strength." These two sisters made quiet an impact on my friend and her mother. My friend in Kansas accepted Christ as her Savior while there in the camp. Now she too has touched many lives with her story and her compassion. 

All this to tell you that God sees you where you are at. You are not hidden from Him, your circumstances are not hidden. I realize that perhaps there are many of you that seem to be facing difficult situations, know that God has not forgotten you and if He has to come into your "prison" to rescue you. Don't lose faith....



  1. What a nice quote!

  2. That's an amazing story! I've read Corrie's book, and I'm familiar with this quote. That's fantastic that you know someone who was touched by her life firsthand. It's a testimony to us, isn't it, that we must stay strong and steadfast in the faith when troubles hit us...because look at what Corrie and her sister and your friend in Kansas survived!

    1. Corrie's life and story have always inspired me...and then of course this lady I met while in Kansas...and yes you are right, we have to stay strong and steadfast. It shows me that all of our lives impact all other lives...we are never in something alone, and that God will bring good out of what looks like the worst circumstances