Monday, October 1, 2012

A Slow Monday and a Trip to Baskin Robbins

Mondays are slow days at our about yours?? I don't do a lot on Mondays, even though I home-school.....oops did I just confess to that! LOL....but I take is slow and easy that day school wise because I know my kids are tired from all the running around on weekends..

This weekend we had team pictures for the soccer team that my middle one is involved with, I picked up two car loads of clothing donations for my church, my little one was coughing a somewhat feverish all day on Saturday, so we skipped her ballgame, but then that evening went to a girl scout event. Sundays of course we go to church and this weekend was our fifth Sunday singing. It was so nice to sit back and enjoy everyone's talent all the while bringing glory to God. Afterwards we had a fellowship time and refreshments.
After I got home from church I was so keyed up with everything I didn't go to bed until after 1 AM.....

So today, nobody wanted to get up around our house! We did manage to do a few school lessons. In the afternoon though I saw that my troops' energy was just so happened that I received a coupon for B1G1 at Baskin Robbins for their new flavor of the month "Trick OREO Treat." The kids loved it! It has orange filled oreos, butterfinger candy and babe ruth candy all in the ice that was a little pick me up for them.

Trick OREO® Treat Ice Cream

What about you? What do you do on days when you have little energy, or sick ones in your family?

A little slower on the journey today, but still traveling on.....


  1. Mondays are one of my busier days...Saturday and Sundays are my slow days...specially if the husband is at work. Slow days I try to PR for my blog more

    1. My husband has been working a lot on Saturday lately...that is a good idea though to use the slower days to do more PR and I could throw in planning strategies for home school..

  2. Days with little energy... hmm... drink lots of coffee! :) I've started sewing again recently for the first time in years, so I do like to sew when I have "down" time. The very few minutes of down time. :D

    1. Coffee....a must have!! I have started crocheting again...I don't have a lot of minutes either of down time.....