Thursday, January 9, 2020

So You Think Prayer is All You Can Do?

If you are keeping with current events you may feel unnerved or anxious. My son is in the Navy and I have felt more than once my chest get tight, tears in my eyes, and heart beating fast. I heard a few people say "well all we can do is pray." They said it as if we had no hope. But, my friend that is not true!

Prayer is not all we can do, it is THE thing we can do. We do not have to sit and feel as if we are powerless victims watching the world unfold around us. We have within us one of the most powerful weapons; the weapon of prayer. When God's people pray, things happen. What if we all prayed at once in solidarity? What if 5 of us prayed, or 50, or 500, or more? What do you think would happen? Prayer is key. It is vital. It is powerful.

You can do something today, you can pray. There is a verse in scripture that says, "the king's heart is in the Lord's hands." It is part of the story of Esther. It is a powerful story. Before she went into the king, she called her people to pray. They stood united behind her. It is the same God that we serve today. When we stand united, believing, in prayer, we are an unstoppable force and He is and will always be an Almighty God.

Praying for this nation,
Regina <3

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Monday, January 6, 2020

20 Thoughts for 2020

20 thoughts as we walk into the first full week of the new year. 

1. You do not have to start over, you can get up right where you are and keep walking. When I learned this it was so freeing to me. Just because you have made a mistake, sinned, said something wrong, or whatever you have done, you do not have to back to square one. Get up. If you need God's forgiveness for a sin, then repent. If you simply made a mistake, mark it up to lesson learned and walk on. Do not feel pressure that you are back the beginning.

2. Time marches on whether we are ready or not. I remember when my Dad died and I just thought, "can you not see we are grieving?" I wanted the whole world to stop and just wait. Life is not like that. The world continues to spin and life goes on. I learned from that, when I came out of the darkness of those initial days of grieving, there was still life to be lived and I needed to live it.
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3. Savor the moments with those you love. There is always going to be a "last time." My oldest daughter has a toddler now. Back at Christmas she called me to say they had moved him to a toddler car seat. It was a bittersweet moment for her. She is glad he is healthy and growing. However, there was a part of her that will miss the little baby stage. She said, "I didn't know that today was the last day he would ride in his infant seat." It's that way with life and all of our family and friends. There is day that will be the last for one of us. Savor the moments, even those that seem mundane.
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4. Don't walk in fear. Fear is crippling. Stand up, face your fears, and meet them head on. That is the best way I have found to banish them. You are stronger than you realize.

5. We have our own unique gifts. While my giftings by themselves are great and I can do many things, when I put those together with those around me, my family, co-workers, teammates, all of a sudden we have a powerful force.

6. Laugh of those deep belly laughs where you can't get your breath.
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7. Just because you faced a situation one time and made a decision does not mean you have to make that decision every single time. Our lives change, our perspectives change. Make the decision you need to make for that time.

8. Speaking of decisions, once you decide, don't look back and second guess yourself. Walk forward.

9. If people are in need, then help them. If it is a financial need and you are not able then look for others ways you can help. Scripture says, that if it is in our power to do good, then do it, to not do it is a sin. I remember talking with a doctor about a situation this family we both knew were facing. He said he and his wife were praying for God to tell them if they should help or not and that they felt God told them not to. My thought was this, if God has already said it in scripture, then you can just go there for your answer, you don't have to question it. Bottom line, if you are able in any capacity to help a person in need, then do it.

10. Grief is hard and there are no rules and no time limit. You grieve how you feel you need to, it matters not how others walked this path, this is your path and your journey.

11. Cook with your kids. It promotes bonding and memories that will last a lifetime, not to mention needed skills for life.
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12. Don't allow your children to be forced into what society thinks they should do or what you think they should do. Let them know that what they choose to do and who they are will always be someone you love and support.

13. Drink coffee and sit on the porch with your girlfriends or buddies. I remember in this neighborhood I lived in a few years ago, we had coffee everyday after the kids were out of school. I looked forward to it. I loved it. I loved being able to talk about any problem big or small and hearing their feedback. It was amazing and validating.
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14. Don't just work, but find your passion and do it! Every job has hard days but if it is something you are passionate about you will not dread it.

15. Speaking of that, if you don't like the course your life has taken than change it. It is possible.

16. If you are suffering from wounds of the past, it is time for healing. You can talk to your pastors, therapist, whomever you choose, but find healing. It is worth it.

17. Feeling overwhelmed, it is ok if you take a day just to yourself where you stay in pjs, watch movies, read, or however that looks for you. Take care of yourself.

18. Walk with grace and dignity regardless of what life throws your way. I see this walked out everyday in my friend's life that has MS. She is an inspiration.

19. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. God decided we needed you at this time for this season. Don't forget that. You have something to bring to the table.

20. Savor life, do the dance, live in the moment, love your tribe, be present. Life was made to be lived, go forward and do the things you've always wanted without regret. Image result for life quotes"

Here's to the Journey, 
Regina <3

Saturday, January 4, 2020

New Year, New You

 New Year, New You....what kind of pressure is that? The old me has served me well for the last, well, all my life. Are there things I could do better, things I could change? certainly. However, media would have us think that we need to make ourselves over with every January 1.

It is not true, my friends. I read the meme, and you probably did too, that said the old me has survived 100% of all my bad days, trials, and tests.....I have come through it and now have experience that I didn't have on the front end of said bad day, etc. You do too. If there are things you want to change, I wish you well. If you enjoying life as it is, then by all means, ignore the pressure of a "New You" and to channel my inner Elsa "Let It Go."

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There is more to love on this journey without this added, unnecessary stress.

To Less Stress and More Enjoying the Journey