Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Healing the Hurts

I have had something of an epiphany.It happened this week as I was sitting at the piano. I came across this song that I had sang years ago. I remembered something I had done at that time, with the thought that I was helping someone. Now as I sat there that day at the piano, I realized that what I did only brought fresh hurt where maybe a heart was healing. I knew in my heart rigt away that I owed this precious woman a heartfelt apology, but struggled because quiet a bit of time had passed since the incident. Everyday as I went about daily tasks, I heard it with every beat of my heart, every step..."send an apology, its not too late, she needs to hear this"

 So, finally today, I sat down and wrote her a message ( I don't have her number or I would have called her)....I told her I was sorry, I told her I was young and immature at the time and really believed in my heart that I was helping her. I felt relief as I wrote it, and I know that as she read it, she experienced healing of a past hurt. You see it is never too late to do the right thing. When we feel that inkling, I recognize it as God prompting me, you may have a different name for it....a higher power, intuition, etc...we need to immediately take action. We will experience personal growth and relationships can be restored. 

 Why is it so hard to ask a person to forgive us? Our words carry great power, the power to hurt and the power to heal a hurt. Oftentimes, it is hard to admit we have made a mistake. Pride seems to wedge itself in there somehow. We don't want people to know that we have stumbled, that we have the ability with a sharp tongue to wound the people we care about most. Just think about how many arguments could be prevented, how many relationships (friend or otherwise) could be maintained, and dare I say, how many marriages that would last with those simple words, "Please forgive me, I was wrong.

 Why is it easier to ask forgiveness from those that live outside our house and not those that live in the four walls we share? They are sometimes the very ones that need to hear your words the most. You can make friends where-ever you go, but you only get one family. They are a precious gift. Once they are gone, you can't simply go out and find another one can take their place. They are all unique with their little quirks and crazies....but I will tell you, I wouldn't want to trade my family members for anyone else. We need our family....they are the ones that care, they are the ones that when you are telling a story about growing up, they "get it" will not find that just anywhere.

 Today I challenge my readers to think about their relationships. What ones need to be restored, are there places you need to ask forgiveness, is there a way you can bring healing to a life today? Don't hesitate, you never know when today could be your last chance.


  1. Oh, Regina! I have totally been there. I don't know what your mistake was, but if you'd like to read about mine, I detailed it here: I am so glad that we serve a God of forgiveness. The hardest part, sometimes is forgiving ourselves!

    1. I did read your post...very moving, very well bask unfettered in the presence of the King is worth it all!