Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back from the Doctor...update on Beth

Today we had a follow up appt. with the retina specialist for Beth. We came away with not so great news. It seems that the chemo has not helped any of the inflammation in her eyes and now the floaters have started making their own blood supply. The glaucoma is also not any better. So now she is at risk for retina detachment. He said we need to start a more aggressive medicine along with the chemo drug . So we are waiting on a call from her rheumatologist, bc everything has to go thru him medicine wise.....then after the new meds are started, we will give those a couple of months and if they don't work, we will be looking at surgery for her. Of course the surgery imposes risks as well....retina detachment and cataract formation......

On a positive note, she is excited bc her car arrives this afternoon......

In the meantime keep us all in your prayers

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