Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Milestone Birthday and 2 Movie Reviews

So yesterday my daughter turned 18!  How wild is that? She looked at me that morning and said, "Yes you are old enough to have a child this age!" I know, she is a laugh a minute...but she does know how to make my heart happy. When asked where she wanted to eat for her birthday, she told me that she would rather  have my homemade chicken and dressing with creamed potatoes on the side instead of go to a restaurant....that earned her some points! 

Here she is reading the card from her younger brother and little sister

We have also watched the "Hunger  Games." My daughter and I both read the whole trilogy in 3 was awesome! We had heard mixed feelings about the actual movie though. We all know that most of the time the movie just is not as good as the book. But all in all I thought the movie was great! It kept my attention even though I already knew what was going to happen and left me wanting to see "the rest of the story"

Now of course they didn't include as much detail as the book, if they did the movie would have been too long...but they gave you enough that if you had read the books, you knew what was happening.  Even my husband, who did not read the books by the way, was still very much interested and now wants to know what happens in the following books.

This is a movie my whole family enjoyed, and if you haven't seen it, you need to....from my youngest (Savannah, age 5)  to my oldest (Frank, age 53), we all loved every minute of it!

Another great movie that is family friendly is "Big Miracle" This story about the whale family, trapped in the ice in Alaska, is one the most moving and touching stories I have seen in a long time. Again my entire family watched it, and all loved it!

I have to admit there was not a dry eye in our living room during some of the parts of the movie.....

So if you are looking for some good, family movies this weekend, I recommend these two, Check them out and let me know what you think.......

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