Monday, September 3, 2012

Wedding Anniversary


Today is my wedding anniversary! What an exciting to time to remember our love for each other, our vows, our promises we made in that first few months of marriage when everything was so new. I wish that I could say that we have always just had the most perfect life, wouldnt that be a great thing to write about??? But, sadly, just like all of you, life sometimes gets in the way of that perfect life that we started out with on this journey. Jobs, children, obligations that we have seem to take precedence over the love of our life, that one that we looked into their eyes that day and promised that nothing would ever come between us.....


How do we get back to that? Where do we start to re-prioritize our lives, so that God is first, then our spouse, then our children...etc. Today when I was thinking of what gift I could give to my life's mate, I saw this month long study on "Reviving Your Marriage"


I am always looking for different studies that God can use to show me how I can be more like him, how that I can live out my divine purpose, how I can glorify God in my role as a wife, as the helpmate to my husband....

As I read the subject of today's challenge, prayer for your marriage, I realized that this would be a wonderful gift to my marriage and ultimately to my husband. I want to grow as a woman...I want to grow in the beauty of God, and to become more like Him. Today the challenge was this....regardless of what you are doing, each time your husband crosses your mind pray for him...if you are cleaning the kitchen, doing his laundry, making beds, let that be a reminder to you to just pray for  him. Our husbands need  praying wives behind them....and our prayers are so powerful!

What are some things that we can pray this week over our mates?

  • His Wife (there's good place to start!)
  • His Work
  • His Finances
  • His Affections
  • His Temptations
  • His Fears
  • His Purpose
  • His Health
  • His Trials
  • His Integrity
  • His Priorities
  • His Fatherhood
  • His Past
  • His Attitude
One thing I try to remember is this...If I don't pray for my husband, then who will?

Will you take this week's challenge with me and pray everyday for a week for you husband? Let me know in the comment section if you are up for the challenge and feel free to come back throughout the week and let me know how you are doing!

Be Blessed!



  1. I am blessed...blessed to have such a woman that has taken time to express her feeling for me and your love for me not only as a husband but also as a child of God. The fact that you still love me and love me more touches my heart to a point you may never understand. You have forgiven me when I have hurt you and more importantly when the distractions of life have put you second place, third place and so on. I am blessed that you can love me enough to not have given up on me. I am proud to say you are my wife. You are beautiful in ways that I only know. You walk that walk of a wife as God so defined and I can only pray and hope that I can walk the walk of a Godly husband. Thank you for forgiving me when I need forgiving, thank you for standing beside me when I needed someone to hold my hand, thank you for being there for me when often time I may not or have not been there for you. Thank you for the "journey" and it is my prayer that we have many more years together to enjoy each other, serve the Lord our God together, and most importantly love today more than yesterday and live like it might be our last day together. I Love You Regina, more than I have ever shown.

  2. OMGoodness! You two are so sweeeeet! I have another friend who is doing this praying for her husband. It's been a real blessing to them, and has healed some difficulties they had been having. May God continue to hold the two of you as one.

    1. awwwww.....Thanks! God has walked us, literally, through some minefields in this relationship....we are still standing only by His grace and mercy. He has healed our marriage at times, strengthened us when we needed it, comforted us, and always brought us back to each other....All the glory goes to Him and Him alone....Prayer works!!

  3. I hope to have a very very very (i don't want to end it if it's equivalent to decades LOL)very long marriage life, who doesn't want it? all of us wished to be with our current partner for life.. Good thing your relationship is God-centered and hopefully I could do it in mine too. Though we don't talk about religion/church and God, on our own we pray daily for our family's health and guidance. I know that He's just there always to remind us how should a relationship work and be like if challenges come up, glad to have a husband who will support you in every way. I will take that prayer challenge and will get back to you if I have time and tell my story. Happy Anniversary to both of you..Take Care always

  4. That is very sweet. It is nice seeing people work on their relationship instead of just letting it crash and burn and then discarding it (not downing divorcees...I have been there...sometimes there isnt a save button on a marriage)

    1. You are right Natasha, sometimes the decision for divorce is out of our hands, we cannot control the actions of a spouse....but would that not make marriage easier, lol?...but yes, it takes work, and a lot of it, to make a marriage last. Both people have to be willing to bend and to give at times. One thing that resonates with me is that my husband is a child of God just like I am, and as that he has been given grace and mercy by Christ, I too have been shown grace and mercy by my Savior, so with that said, should I not then extend that same mercy to my is hard sometimes I know. Another thing that I think would make marriages more successful is that if both parties are putting God first, then their spouse. When I am walking close to Him, then it seems easier for me to do the kinds of things that will be bring love and peace to the relationship. i cannot love my spouse as I am supposed to in myself, it takes a higher power for me to be able to do that. Let me also just say that, just bc people have been divorced does not mean they are doomed. God forgives, and in turn can help us learn to forgive and let go of the past. you see we both come from past is not perfect sometimes...and it hurts. Now that I know what God brought me from, I see where I could have done things differently in the past and may have even avoided the divorce...knowing that, I dont want to make the same mistakes. I have forgiven my ex ( i know it sounds crazy) and I have forgiven myself. I know that God is gracious in His mercy to me, and He alone has shown me what I need to do in my marriage. I go to Him for everything! I ask Him often to show me how to remedy the situations, the conflicts, the trials, to give me insight into my husband and show me what would bless him the most...I am fortunate that my spouse tries to do the same Blessed my friend!

  5. congratulation and happy wedding anniversary to both of you :) you look lovely couple. guess what? hubby and I will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary on the 8th of this month too :D

    1. Thank you and congratulations to the two of you as well!!