Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Resting Your Chicken

So today I am fixing roasted chicken and root my recipe it says to "rest the chicken"....who knew this??? I had never heard this before, so I googled it. You rest the chicken bc it continues cooking after you remove it from the heat source. Also, lots of juices build up while cooking and if you cut into the chicken right away, you lose those juices, and the meat becomes dry. If you rest it, then the juices are reabsorbed into the meat, making it more moist when eating it. So we tried that tonight after removing the chicken from the worked, the pieces were moist and the whole dish was Delicious!!

So speaking of food....I went to doctor about a week ago. He wants to see if I can come off my blood pressure meds. I am good with that. But, in order to do that I need to lose some weight. I am already in a teakwondo class two times a week. He tells me that now I need to start eating "Unprocessed Food Plan"....I wasn't real sure what that meant, so again I turned to Google. All this simply means is that you eat food as close to their natural state as possible. So far this is not a hard thing to do and we are learning lots of new ways and dishes to cook. I have even lost a few pounds in the process.....but I have only been on the plan for a week and a half. I keep reminding myself of the scripture that says "with God, ALL things are possible"....I guess that could mean learning to eat a different way.

Its not too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts.....I have bling art t-shirts and I ship anywhere! Look for some styles to chose from to post this week!

I haven't posted as much on my blog lately as I would have liked. It seems we had a hard start to the year in our family,  but hopefully we are getting out feet back under us so to speak and continuing the journey.

Be Blessed


  1. I will have to try this with my chicken.

    Good luck with being of the pressure medicine and losing more weight. I hope you have the support and help you need to keep going.


  2. Thanks! I have a supportive family..I was doing really well, but it seems I have slipped up these last few days....gotta get back on the wagon I guess.

    be Blessed