Friday, January 18, 2013

HIS it really THAT Important? Day 8

  Yesterday we talked about how we hold our husbands hearts in our hands. Today we want to go a step further and talk about how we can protect our husbands reputation. Have you ever confided something to someone only to have them use that against you or to make fun of you? It hurts doesn't it.

Have you ever done that same thing to your spouse? Let's look at this verse.....
 Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers. ~ Ephesians 4:29
I love this verse, because not only does it build up the one we are speaking about, but also ministers grace to whomever hears it. So as I am speaking good things, edifying things, about my husband, grace is being ministered to me as well.....that is awesome!

Let me point out that when we seek Godly counsel because we are looking for ways to heal the relationship is very different than sitting around discussing our husbands faults, ways that he has failed, or how he has caused us pain. It is important when we are facing big trials in our relationship to remember this, but it is also equally important when we looking at those small things that seem to get under our skin at times. We are human, our husbands too, and we make mistakes. Today you may be walking tall, everything going your way, life is good, but tomorrow could be a different story. And should we fall, we will be looking for grace and redemption to pull us back up.   
Today's Vow: To Protect Your Reputation
The Challenge: Whether you're talking to your friends, your family, or your children, protect your husband's reputation by being careful with the words that you choose.

Walking with You on the Journey


  1. Hmm good point. I think this definitely goes along with yesterday's post!

    1. Thanks for reading! Hope you are seeing differences in your personal life and in the life of your relationship

  2. Yes, after 34 years of marriage I have never complained to friends or family about my sweet hubby. (even when things got rocky) I always felt like it was a betrayal to him. And it has paid off. We both respect and totally are still in love with each other after all these years!!
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    1. Thanks for the follow Evelyn! and congratulations on 34 years of marriage that is awesome! Will get over to your site and link up with you guys!