Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New Marriage Challenge....

Today I started a new marriage challenge entitled, "The Ultimate Marriage Vow" far it is easy, but I am only at Day 1....
Today's challenge was to carve out time in our day to enjoy moments of friendship. Now I don't know about you guys, but somewhere between jobs, being a Mommy, and other obligations of life, the friendship aspect of our relationship has gone into hiding. Not that we are not friends, we know that we are, we feel we stand by each other, supportive of each other, but the things we did at the beginning of the relationship has gotten lost along the way.

It's funny that once we get married we look for friendships and cultivate relationships with everyone but our spouses. God has given us this awesome gift of marriage that includes with it a constant companion, but yet we will say we are lonely, we wish we had someone to talk to....well that person is living right under your roof! You know how it was before you had children and life got busy? You would listen to each other, finding out about each other, really hearing that other person as they talked about their day, their dreams, their goals.....then somehow that got pushed to the back burner.

I am not telling you that you have to carve out long hours of your time for a preverbial "date", but it does take making time for each other, what ever that may look like in your life right now. I know that my sweetie has said that sometimes he just likes for me to sit beside him while he watches a sports event or movie. For me, I love for him to come into the kitchen while I am finishing up dinner and tell me about his day and let me share mine with him. Many times I will run the kids to their rooms, just so we can have some undistracted time together. Your time spent with your spouse does not have to look like anyone else's...thats what is so great about marriage, mine don't have to measure up to yours or vice versa, as long as it is meeting the needs of the two people in the marriage, that is all that matters.

I remember when I was living at home, my Dad would come in at the end of the day, my Mom would have me turn off the TV and as we sat eating dinner, she would listen to my Dad talk about his day....more often than not there was laughter, and she was his cheerleader too when there would be difficult situations she would always tell him that this would pass, that it would be alright. He did the same for her...she would talk and he would listen. There was no special date night to discuss their lives, it was just life being lived together, sharing together...being each other's friend.

How about you? Are you up for a challenge for 21 days? Here is todays vow: My husband, my treasure, from this day forward I take thee to be my constant friend and companion. And here is the day one challenge: Carve out time in your day to enjoy moments of friendship.

Let's take this step on our journey toward  making the ultimate marriage vow

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