Sunday, September 23, 2012

Revival in the Land or Revival in my Heart?

I hear a lot of discussion lately about revivals, how we need one, how some want to have those old-time experiences, and how do we bring about revival now. It seems people want an easy answer, a quick fix, something that will generate lots of number growth in their congregations. Is that the purpose of revival or is there something deeper we can gain from a revival experience? 

Let's look at the word "revival." If we break it down, the prefix "re" means to do again, or to repeat. The word "vive" means life. So "revival' in its simplest form means to bring life again. What does that mean for us?  Revival is for the believer. We need to recognize that we have allowed certain things to creep up in our lives that has crowded out the place that should be occupied by God. In other words, our spirit man is struggling to live because we are allowing some strongholds in our flesh to continue to thrive.  So, one of the first steps to revival is to see the need for it to happen to us, in us, on a very personal level. 

If you look back at great revival experiences of the past, you will find that these events did not happen without first people recognizing a need in their life and then repenting. Repentance precedes revival. Revival does not just happen because of good music, or great teachings, it happens when you begin to repent of the things that God is showing you that is taking precedence in your life. 

Perhaps you wonder how you will know what things to repent of....very simple just ask Him to show you the areas in your life where He is not first. Then listen to what He says to your heart, be willing to follow through and pray through those areas. It is a process. Do not get discouraged in the process, because on the other side of that is freedom! It may mean laying down bitterness, envy, hatred, or un-forgiveness. For some it may be that they are finally willing to give over to God the areas in their lives that long been a source of hurt and misery. You see sometimes the things that take first place in our lives are not things at all, they can simply be old wounds we are holding to, emotions that we are not willing to lay down. 

It sometimes can  even be scary to rid yourself of the things that you have carried for so long, because you will have to learn to walk a new path. The old path is so familiar to you, but you have to make the effort to move forward and not pick those old things back up again. 

Revival can happen in our churches and in our nation, but it has to start somewhere, will you let it start in you?

Enjoying the Journey....

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