Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Quit Fighting It

Do you struggle? I mean really struggle over some of the simplest things in life? I think we all do at times. Why is that? We could site many reasons, many circumstances, but what it all comes down to is wanting what we think we rightfully deserve. We have rights and we want those our spouse, our kids, our boss, even our churches...What does that do for us? Make us feel vindicated in some way?  Is that what we really want is the satisfaction of knowing that we were right and that we "won" over others? 

I dont think that is what we really want...what we are really looking for is true peace. How do we find it? True peace only comes when we are walking in unity with the Father God. There is always going to be a struggle between what our flesh wants and what our spirit knows that we need. Which one are you going to listen to today? 
Let's look at Christ example for us. In the book of John, the retelling of the scene at the crucifixion, we see John say..."He bowed His head and gave up the ghost" in other words, he died. But that act of the bowing of the head, shows complete surrender. It shows that He gave His life, no one took it from Him.....he freely gave it. He had rights as well.....He is the Son of the Most High God, He left Heaven to become man, like us....but what did He leave in Heaven? He left the presence of the Father, the sound of angels praising Him all the time, he left splendor and glory behind in order to redeem a lost world. Instead of angels crying Holy, He heard the crowd cry, crucify Him! But He knew that without His death, there would never be a resurrection. 

That is true in our lives too....we may never literally die on a cross, but we do attend a crucifixion of sorts each times our flesh cries out for our rights and our spirit says "No" We don't want to lay down our lives in sacrifice to do what we know to be right, because we think that it will be too painful, too hard, too much. But only when we lay down our rights, can their be a resurrection of our spirit, then can we walk in unity with the Father, then our petitions are heard because we have surrendered to Him, we are obedient to Him.  

1 Samuel 15:22"Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice"

What is God calling you to surrender to Him today? Is it your job situation? You relationship with your children? With your spouse? Is it your physical health? Your emotions? What ever the situation, when you give it to Him, new life can come forth, just like  the resurrection. 

Be Blessed today


  1. This is so true. You just gave me an idea for my next bling t-shirt commission!

  2. Oh my! i can live in a house with full of arguing and fighting, it can drain us mentally, emotional and even physically. :(

  3. Thanks for this really got me thinking!

  4. very very very true