Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Moving on From Here

Election day has come and gone....some of you are very happy with the outcome and some of you are not. I want to address the ones that are not.....

Many of you may feel worried, stressed, unsure about your future and the future of the United States. So I ask you today, who is your trust in? Are you looking to God as the author and finisher of your faith, or are you looking to Barack Obama to supply every need you have in life? The Bible is clear, that man will fail us, but God never fails. The United States may go through changes as a nation, but God never changes. We may face hardships, and uncertainties, but God's word says He will never leave us nor forsake us. I am confident in those things. 

Having faith in God, does not mean that your life and the life of this country will always be the smoothest sailing. We may go through some rough waters, we may face storms that will feel like we are gong to be overtaken and our ship is going to sink. The night may look dark for you, the hours may seems like they will never pass.....but stand strong. Don't be dismayed, don't be overcome, your God is still in control of your life. And in the end that is what matters right? It matters who is controlling your it God or is it man? Who are you going to put your trust in today? 

The Bible is also clear that we are to pray for our leaders. The President, regardless of who he/she is, has a difficult job, and I am sure feels insurmountable responsibility. The Bible does not say only pray for him if you agree with just says to pray for your leaders. So let's do that. Let's pray for him and his family. I was troubled last night, when I heard and saw some different tweets and messages from people who were unhappy with the outcome....I saw people say that this man would be better off out of the picture. Before we began to make those statements, let's stop and think....Barack Obama, is a husband and a Daddy first, he is someone's horrible that would be to see a family lose their husband and father, to see a mother lose her son. Let's not promote those kinds of thoughts. It is wrong. My prayer is that his family is always protected, that he is kept in good health, that he will turn His heart to the one true God and rely on Him for wisdom and clarity of mind for decisions that he must make that will affect so many people. 

Prayer is our only hope now....we call ourselves believers...then let the believers step forth and call on their God at this time. Quit hiding your heads in the sand and just complaining all the time....step up to the plate that has been set before you.....maybe God is waiting on you to bend your knee to Him, to acknowledge your devotion to Him and see Him as your only hope. Let's act like it now...let's surround this man with prayer and allow our faith to be made stronger through this. 

Another thought is this, we look to the President to make things better....let's make things better in our own homes first. Let change begin in you and your family that happens it is like a rock being thrown into a pond...the ripples just keep spreading further and further out. Eventually that will spread to our nation. As Christians we are always criticizing what we think Barack Obama believes in his heart about God, but what do we believe in our heart about God? Is He really first in your life, or are you holding others up to a higher standard than what you can reach yourself?  It's a tough question...but one worth answering truthfully. 

Our nation will only suffer if we do not pull together now, heal this divide, and move forward. Your candidate may have lost the race last night, but our God is not defeated. He is still on the throne, He is not shocked nor dismayed...put your faith in Him, make Him first place in your life. Then, cast your cares and worries on Him....His shoulders are big enough to carry your burden, and His arms are wide enough to wrap around all of us and shelter us from any storm. He is the peace giver....not anyone else. God alone can comfort you, give you peace, give you rest.....don't get it confused and think that man can do those things because he can't.....

We worry about struggles and trials that we may face now.....why are you worried about that? Again the Bible is clear, that we as believers will have trials to overcome here on earth. Through those difficulties our faith is made strong. We can identify with Christ through our struggles, as He too had to endure the crucifixion and cross....that was a struggle too, wouldn't you agree? 

Don't lose your hope today....your hope is in God alone......this is just another part of the journey we are on, we have to just keep walking....