Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mom and AVON

The other day I had the chance to give a part of my testimony to a friend of mine., which then later made me think of my Mom and all she did to try to show me the right path to take....which I didn't until later in life. I can't remember Momma without remembering how she smelled when I was little and she would hug me good night. She used was a lotion she would put on that was in a yellow bottle and it was sort of off-white in color. She would put it on her face and neck everynight at bedtime. I grew up thinking this was how all my friends Moms must smell too! I was in a store a while back and caught just a whiff of that smell and it took my back to a time when things were so much simpler.....

Anyway, before we all get too teary eyed over me having the Mom that smelled like heaven....I'll finish the story about why my testimony the other day made me think of my Mom and just moms in general. You see I grew up being just a little stubborn, and didn't want to listen to her and did my just to make the opposite decision that she advised. She told me one time that my stubborn pride would be the death of  me..... and it almost was. She is the epitome of the Proverbs 31 woman, and I, well let's just say I wanted to run as far from the "Far above rubies" woman as I could get! Because of those decisions, I took a lot of bumps in life. One day though, we were sitting in a church service ( I was raised in church my whole life), I heard my mother pray for me. Nothing, I mean NOTHING, can penetrate the hardest heart, the coldest person, the most rebellious 20 something daughter filled with pride and hate than hearing your own mother beg for mercy from her God for her daughter. To ask Him to draw her to His side, to find true salvation....I was the only one sitting up in the pew, the entire congregation was on their face before God that it was a little more than obvious who needed to repent...and I did, I remember just feeling so new and clean again, like I had never sinned. All of you who are believers know that feeling as well. I wish all of you could have grown up in a home that had wonderful Christian parents....what a treasure they both are. A living testimony of God's goodness and grace, and a legacy for all of my sisters, brother, and myself to carry on what they started.....

I wish I could tell you that life was great for me from that time forward....oh I did and still do live my life for Christ. But, receiving salvation that's only part of  it. And, I've slipped a few times to say the least. I will say though that I cannot imagine facing the challenges in life that I have had without Jesus, I  would venture to say that I probably wouldn't be here today. But, like I wrote to you the other day, God always makes provision for us! Another thing I learned is that Mommas prayers can reach any distance.....

When Savannah was around 1, I went back to work at keep in mind that God knows our needs, and also bear in mind that I am beyond doubt that Momma was a praying. Life was not great for me about this time. Yes I still lived for Jesus but had some areas in my life that I wanted to control. I worked PRN, so I floated over the whole hospital. But it always seemed they would assign me to the same unit everytime. I was on the HEM/ONC unit and on that floor was the absolute most regal black woman working as the unit secretary. She reminded me of my mother. She walked in the righteousness of God everyday. Nothing deterred her. She had some difficult moments in her life that she had come through....physical abuse to name just one. She was always at peace, nothing rattled her. And it didn't matter how crazy the day got, she would not allow griping, or bad talk in her presence. Anything you brought up, she could relate to you about how good God was. I felt myself drawn to be around her. She became my spiritual mother. 
It happened gradually. Day by day, she talked with me, listened to me and always pointed me to God and His answers. She prayed for me, cried with me, loved me, regardless of what I said or did. Over a course of several years, God changed me. A large part had to do with the things I learned from her. She walked with me through a very rough spot in my journey with the King. And I am glad I can tell you that my life is so much sweeter for the lessons I learned. Today when I talk to her or see her, she always says the same thing "DAUGHTER, tell me how good God has been to you lately!" and I call her Momma. Like a good Momma, she reminds me of where I have been and the lessons I have learned and where I am going! 

During that rought spot, my Mom was praying for God to send someone that could help me (she was several miles away by this time), and I was just praying for a friend. God answered both our prayers and sent me Marilyn Brown. He always knows what He is doing, and He is always making provision for us. 
I am blessed beyond measure to have these two women as a part of my life. My physical mother that is a strong spiritual warrior (when she prays, God listens). And, my spiritual mother that exudes the peace of God in every aspect of her life. 

Be blessed my friends and no matter what you are going through, God will make a way!


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