Thursday, December 15, 2011

Doctors Appointments and Sleepless Nights

Today has been a long day that started with a long night.....apparently Savannah decided to wake up around 2 this morning, and stayed up until around 7ish...she and Beth share a room so Beth tried to get her to lay back down, that was a Beth falls asleep around 6 this morning. But, we have a neuro appt @ ACH this morning for her and she and I both overslept and got up with about 15 minutes to spare before needing to leave. We made it to the appt on time though.....she gets to see Dr. "B" over there. The B stands for his name, but I cannot remember how to spell it. He is an older doc that moves pretty slow but otherwise we have heard from others that he is the best doc for neuro.

At the appt. we find out that the involuntary movements that Beth has been having, are not being caused or left over from when she had rheumatic fever. So the plan is to schedule an EEG, and also an ophthalmologist appt. In the meantime we are to increase the Topamax....again.

 We leave LR come back into Sherwood, ran by the bank, out to Wal-Mart, fueled up, picked up lunch and finally home. At home, there was a package on my door. It was a card and a bag of rice to make fried rice from my friend Tricia....this was the highlight of my day. Just to know that someone thinks of you enough to go out of their way to show you they care.

Once home, Beth and I were really tired. But, we came home to water in the kitchen floor. Apparently the garbage disposal needs replacing. So Frank came home around 2, and started working on that. Later our neighborhood plumber extraordinaire, Billy, came to help him. Billy leaves shaking his head and states he will return in the AM to fix it.

I still have lots left to do before Christmas, but it looks like I am done for the day. I am so tired now, I think I could go to bed and not get up until tomorrow!


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