Friday, January 27, 2017

Tell Her

I see lots of people protesting....some pro-choice, some pro-life. I am curious though if people in either group know how it really feels to make that choice?

I see my fellow Christians spouting things about abortion, yet, do they realize that sitting in church alongside them are people who actually went through an abortion.

Do they know the anguish? the sleepless nights? the feeling that you are going to lose your mind?

I think that is probably the saddest....the fact that we have women of all ages, race, and backgrounds that have made this choice sitting in church with us and they are overlooked. Maybe it is time we stepped off of the soap box, quit thumping your Bible verse for  5 seconds and go up to one of these women and offer grace and mercy. Tell her that you really don't understand what went in to the decision she made, but you know it must have been pure hell to decide. Then tell her that God still loves her, that He forgives all (people don't,  but He does), tell her that her little baby is resting in the arms of Jesus. She needs to hear it, more than any scripture you could quote or any hymn you can sing.

Tell her she can come out of hiding, that you want to hear her story. Tell her she does not have to be ashamed. Tell her you can not imagine the courage that she must have had to walk through a group of protesters that were calling her names, hurling insults, and passing judgement when they did not even know her. They did not know she had to make a herself so she could raise the children she already had, or risk not being there for any of her children.

Tell that it is ok to grieve for all she has lost. Tell her that even though you may not think abortion is right, that you are not going to pass judegement on her decision.

Then.....LISTEN to her journey,


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