Wednesday, January 25, 2017

6 Things That Absolutely Drive Me Insane!

1. The sound of people chewing....absolutely drives me insane! I'm not talking chewing with your mouth open, no....It is so bad that at times I can hear the chewing noises in a crowded restaurant. It's like I have  developed bat ears! This little known fact drives my family crazy!

2. Speaking of restuarants......People in restuarants that share their entire converstaion with the whole restaurant. I cannot eat when this happens. I get so distracted from the noise that I can't even hold a conversation. On our anniversary, the table that was 3 tables over had a lady who was obnoxiously loud. I couldn't take it. We had to ask to be moved. Seriously, it was that bad.

3. The fact that I pay an outrageous amout for cable, we have 100s of channels, and yet cannot find anything to watch sometimes.

4. The sound of a person blowing their really, any bodily function for that matter. Yes, I did used to be a nurse and yes it bothered me then too.

5.Hot weather...who can breathe in the humidity in the South. It is awful y'all! I have lived in the South all my life, and No, I am not used to it. I see people out enjoying the summer and I'm like, "I would love to do _______." Out I go, one breath, I am back inside in the AC. Thank the Lord above for the person who invented air conditioning.

6. People who walk around while you are talking to them. Just stand still already and this converstaion will be over in like 3 minutes.

What you add that drives you insane?

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