Tuesday, January 17, 2017

He Does Not Change

 To tell you the truth I have been down for while......part depressed, part illness and the rest, just life. We made a big move at the end of 2015 for a job for my husband. It sounded great, it looked great on paper, but sometimes things don't always work exactly like you think they will.

Struggles.....we had a few. About the time it felt like we were getting settled in, I was diagnosed with COPD and CHF. it was blow to say the least. I walked around a little bit dazed for a while. I just couldn't figure out how this happened. You know how it goes, you start reasoning. I tried to do everything right,so that I would not get any type of illness like these. I was angry, sad, scared....you name it. Finances got a little rocky. I had a daughter getting married. I have a son graduating high school. It was a lot going on.

Depression crept in. Thats how depression will do you though, it's a creeper. It certainly doesn't announce itself at the door, right? Throw a bout of pneumonia and strep throat on top of that and it is the perfect storm. There are times I want to quit. Sit down and stay down. The illness alone is difficult some days. If it was just the illness, I think I could manage better.

Today my oldest daughter shared a post on facebook from her church about the dreams that God has given you and which of those are you going to go after in 2017. That post gave me a nudge....and I remembered.....

I remembered that I am the Daughter of the Most High God, I am an Overcomer, I am Resilient, I can make it. He calls me Worthy, He calls me Friend, He is the Lifter of my Head, He is my Source, He is the Grace Giver.

I remembered the dream He gave to me. How that He gave me the ability to tell a story, to write, to speak. I always dreamed of touching people's lives, inspiring them, watching people be set free from any and all bondages.

I remembered that He is a big God and just because my address changed, just because my health changed, just because the job situation changed.....He did not change. The situations I face may be beyond my control, but they are not out of His reach.

I'm going to go after the dreams He gave me...I'm hoping you will do the same.

Still walking this journey with you, my friends,


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