About Me

"Hey"....that's southern for "hello" that's right I was raised in the South, lived in the Midwest about 5 years, then came back to the South...now people tell me I have a bit of a drawl....I'm so glad you stopped by to check out my blog. I'm Regina....on here I hope to share parts of my personal story and struggles with you in hopes that you will be encouraged, uplifted and motivated. The way I ended up here is a long story...a couple of divorces, divine appointments, bad decisions, difficult decisions, re-marriage, unexpected pregnancy....sounds like a drama on TV....but it's not, it really is my life and honestly I don't think I would change a thing! My blog title is from one of my favorite songs growing up in church, and that is really how I feel, that I wouldn't trade anything about my journey so far.....this journey is what made me who I am today....so set back get you a big ol glass of ice tea, or coffee, and settle in to read more about my story, read some inspirational thoughts that God lays on heart, try your hand at a few giveaways and let's travel the rest of the way home.


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