Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Turning Rocks into Bread

Last night I was reading the book, "God's Story Your Story: When His Becomes Yours" by Max Lucado. It had been a stressful day it seemed, with one bit of bad news after another....I thought it would never end! So I sat down to read to hopefully be inspired by something I came across.

In the chapter I was reading, Lucado begins to talk about when Jesus was led into the wilderness to be tempted by satan. He was making the point how  the enemy always hits us at our weakest point, our weakest moment in life. Jesus had been fasting for 40 days, he was hungry, so satan tempts Jesus by preying on the physical hunger and tells Him to turn the rocks into bread. Of course Jesus defeats him by using the Word.

You may be asking, 'Yes Regina, we know the story, what's the point?' The point is this, what are we hungry for? What are our weaknesses? Whatever it is, satan will use that against us, making us think that we have to turn rocks to bread, that we have to come through the situation or circumstance on our own, that we have to fulfill the desires of our own heart....this proves to be impossible for us, then we feel anxious, not good enough, that we have failed. We then begin to pray to turn the rock to bread.....this uses up all of our energy and feeds into our distractions. We are so busy trying to do something that God has not asked of us, that we lose sight of what we are supposed to be doing in the first place.....we have to learn that we don't have to meet our own needs so to speak, that they are supplied by the Creator, that we can rest in that....then we experience peace in the face of difficulty, calmness in the presence of troubled waters....we have to learn to let go, God is not requiring anyone to turn rocks to bread, He is only asking that we rely fully on HIM

Walking with you on this journey,

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  3. What a wonderful post. And it is true that we must rely on him.

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