Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness Day

  Today is 12-12-12...I was invited to participate in a random acts of kindness day by one of my facebook friends. This idea stemmed from a couple crazy, homeschooling, foster mamas’ trying to teach their kids that the holidays are about giving and not always receiving.This is a great idea and one that would be awesome to adopt not just today, but everyday of the year. After all, everyone you meet is facing some sort of challenge or battle in their lives. The smallest act of kindness can just speak volumes to someone going through a difficulty. You may think that you are not able to participate in a day like this because you are struggling financially. But, the great thing is this....acts of kindness are not limited to monetary gifts. Anyone can participate.....the two people that started this live in Florida, they were just doing it to teach their own children, but now this has spread all over. I read where people from Nova Scotia, the Phillipines, Canada, and many states here in the US. In case you need some ideas to jump start you thinking of things you can do....I have a list I found at 

  • Donate your books to the local library....many children and adults do not have the financial means to buy books, or an e-reader device. 
  • Carepacks to the homeless
  • Help someone with a task in their home for free
  • Help someone whose car has broken down ( do be safe when doing this one)
  • Help do yard work for an elderly neighbor
  • Hold the door open for someone
  • Let someone go in line in front of you
  • Make a blanket for a homeless person
  • Pay the bill/tab for the person in line behind you
  • Read to a child
  • Read to the elderly
  • Visit the nursing home and find out how you can volunteer. Can you play an instrument? Bring a checker domino game and visit a resident there that don't get a lot of company
  • Return you shopping cart
  • Thank your local police or fire department
  • Write a letter and mail it to someone who has made a difference in your life
  • Help a struggling classmate by studying together
  • Pick up trash
  • Pick up your toys
  • Be the designated driver
  • Be the friend who listens
  • Be kind to someone that you dislike
  • Call or visit someone that is sick
  • Cook a meal for someone
These are just a few ideas to get you started....I hope you will be inspired today to try a random act of kindness, you never know how you may be the one that helps someone take another step on their journey......


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